Thursday, April 5, 2012

What I want to discuss

Topics of particular importance to me are vegan and vegetarian pregnancy, raw lifestyle and pregnancy, superfoods, fertility, and potential cures for morning sickness.

Many people live mainstream lifestyles and have modernly conventional pregnancies. Others choose to live more in-tune with nature and the historical methods of bith and mothering. Let's explore our options and decide for ourselves what our bodies need to be healthy and produce beautiful thriving babies..


  1. This is a great post. I have 2 healthy daughters, age 9 and 3. I feel a bit jealous that I wasn't better educated about nutrition when I was pregnant. Even though they are healthy and fine, my sister and I often talk about the things that the FDA allows in the foods we buy. For example, there is an "allowable" level of arsenic that can be present in foods sold here. Really? I'm also concerned with hormones and other substances in our milk and dairy products. While I am not vegetarian, I try to serve at least one meal per week with alternative protein. There are many cultures who are meat free. I think it's my job to educate my daughters now so they'll have more options if or when they are ready to decide. Thanks for the comment on our website. We look forward to following you on your journey to motherhood!
    earth2body sisters, wendy & lisa

    1. Thanks for stopping by Earth2Body :D
      It's so true, the food additives allowed in this country are repulsive. For me one of the most devastating parts is the infectious spread of large-scale conventional farming and factory farming. Not only for the ecological impact but for the social ramifications it has on the livelihood of so many American farmers. It breaks my heart to think of the farmers who have lost everything in this economic recession, farms kept generation after generation, while big agricultural business get tax breaks and government incentives. Ugh, I could carry on forever.. Anyways, thanks for stopping by!